Widespread use of token-governed technology
An Ethereum Layer 2 based DAO, $QTK, QUESTNFT, Quest Labs Treasury, token holder guided roadmap, and Proposals for products and initiatives are all part of the Quest Labs Network.
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Quest Labs 20M $QTK Reward Pool
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Navigate to tokens buy page, swap $ETH to $QTK easily.
Proposal for the clarification of QUESTNFT to $QTK exchange policy and service has passed.
We build $QTK-powered products on Ethereum
Quest Labs    Mainnet
DApp built with exceptional UX, all while relying on Ethereum's unrivaled security, with our high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network built with modular architecture.
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Hyperscale Performance
Low fees and faster finality — achieved by combining roll-up technology with a decentralized data availability layer (Quest Labs powered by Ethereum technology).
Secured by Ethereum
Experience high throughput with unrivaled security with Ethereum's roll-up technology — all in a familiar EVM environment.
QUEST Staking
Enhancing the capital efficiency of ETH through decentralized staking services.
Next Quest Product
Visit our forum to propose the next Quest DAO product. Synergize with existing Quest products, treasury, and ecosystem.
Quest Labs Governance: Token holders determine the strategic direction of the ecosystem
All decisions, from launching new initiatives, to transferring and recalling treasury resources, assigning and modifying powers to operating teams, and implementing corrective actions, are subject to proposals and voting by $QTK holders. An amount of $QTK is staked to receive the Quest Labs NFT which members of the ecosystem utilize in making decisions and proposals.
Resource Management
As stewards of a significant treasury, and with the power to shape economic outcomes of Quest Labs products, we prioritize a value-oriented mindset, transparency, and accountability.
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